For Your (Weekend) Consideration AND Big News!

Well, this week got away from me, but with good reason.  Big news: DT and I are moving home!

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This picture is from the night we graduated from college.  Almost nine years ago.  Holy smokes.  Since that time we've been in a long-distance relationship, lived in the same city, moved in together, traveled together, had really difficult life stuff thrown at us, made amazing new friends, and a million other experiences, both good and bad.  And now it's time for a new adventure - moving back to New England, back to our families, back to our high school and college friends, back to our roots.  We're nervous and excited.  Sad to leave DC, but looking forward to Boston.  

Ok, enough sappy personal stuff - let's do some linking!

Buffy the Vampire Slayer premiered 20 years ago this week, just in case I wasn't already feeling old.

Seven charts that show how Trump & Putin are connected.  Are we ready to impeach yet? 

A guide to DC's best dumplings.  Definitely hitting some of these spots up before we go! 

An awesome part about being back in New England will be all the local traveling we'll get to do.  Definitely want to go back to Montreal asap!

Banana Republic has been fantastic lately and Olivia Palermo's latest picks are no exception.

Did you celebrate International Women's Day on Wednesday?  I took the day off work, wore red, went to the rally at the Capitol, and had a lovely lunch at a small, women-owned business.  What could have been better?  I can't help but think that a literal day without women would make a bigger impact ;)


  1. OMG nooooo! lol When are you guys moving? Maybe we can meet up before you go!



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