Lazy Sunday

On a hectic Monday morning, it's good to look back on better times - a lazy Sunday.

We all have our weekend routines.  Whatever they involve, there's something comforting about having the same rituals.

Lately, I've been taking things a bit more slowly on Sunday mornings.

Staying in bed longer than necessary, enjoying a cup of tea, and reading the morning paper are the perfect start to the day.

I subscribed to the Sunday New York Times recently.  While it's important to support good journalism now, seemingly more than ever, there's also just something about reading the paper in its physical form.  Folding back the pages, having some ink rob off on your fingers - I find it soothing.

What's your perfect lazy morning?  I also encourage breakfast in bed!

Sweater: LL Bean; Tee: Forever 21; Sheets and Duvet Cover: LL Bean (love this set or these)


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