Recent Purchases

It's that time of year when all I want to buy are summer pieces, but the sales on cold weather gear are too good to pass up.  This week's recent purchases are a solid combination of that weirdness.

Recent Purchases
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Asos Ultimate Chunky Cardigan -  Alright guys, if you bill your sweater as chunky, and not only chunky, but the ultimate in chunky, it needs to be, well, chunky.  How many more times can I type chunky?  This sweater was fine for a summer weight, but chunky it was not.  Immediately sent back.  This color sold out, but available in black, gray, khaki, light blue, and oatmeal. Result: Returned.

Asos Mix and Match Hot Tropic Print Longline Bikini Top -  Bathing suit shopping is infuriating, which is why the at-home try-on is so key.  I had high hopes for this bright, tropical top, and was psyched that its sizing was done by bra size.  Yet somehow, my regular size was wayyyy too small on me.  Like, seriously inappropriately small.  Maybe I'll size up? Result: Returned.

Asos Double Layer Textured Wiggle Dress -  I've been on a work dress kick lately and hoped to add another navy number to my closet.  I ordered this pretty dress in a 4, and while it fit, it was a bit too snug for my needs.  I go back on forth with sizes 4 and 6 at Asos, and this is one of the times I should have gone up. Result: Returned.

T by Alexander Wang Cotton Dress -  The Outnet sales kill me.  So many good things at insane prices.  My closet gets happy, but my wallet, not so much.  The thing with their weekend deals is that yes, you're getting an additional 30% off already seriously discounted merchandise, but it's almost always final sale.  My strategy for this is to a) buy brands that I know my size in and/or b) buy accessories.  I threw both of those rules out the window for this dress.  I wanted a thicker cotton dress in black for summer and even though I've never worn Alexander Wang before, I had a good feeling about it.  And I was right!  The cotton is nice and thick, almost structured.  The midi length is my favorite, and the high neck is chic. Sold out, but same dress in gray available or similar style here. Result: Kept.

The Nautico by M. Gemi - Much like The Outnet, when M. Gemi has a sale, I buy something.  Their shoes are stunning and even though they are moderately priced, especially when you consider the quality, they cost slightly more than what I can spend.  I had had my eye on these sandals since last spring, and scooped them up when they went on sale.  They're really simple, very comfortable, and the suede is super soft.  I think these will be getting a lot of wear this summer.  This brown shade is sold out, but they are still available in blue/white and gray/white. Result: Kept.


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