Four on Thursday

Sorry for falling off the face of the planet interwebs last week, but my trip home was a doozy.  It was amazing because I was able to see literally every person that I wanted to, but it. was. exhausting.  After a never-ending spiral of parties and drinks and catching up and ridiculous stories (posts and pictures hopefully to come), both Christmas Eve and Christmas Night, I rewarded myself with 12 hours of glorious sleep.  

Now I'm back in DC, having been up since 4am to catch a flight that ended up being delayed for 2 hours by a pilot who just totally neglected to show up, so I'm completely discombobulated, eating a Boloco burrito at 2pm and wishing I was asleep.  This week's picks completely reflect how insane I feel right now.

Caslon Cable Cardigan in Heather Green Cadmium, on sale $46.23

My feelings on cable-knit are well known.  And they're good feelings.  I'm also digging this jewel-tone green color.  Brighten up these chilly winter months.  (Speaking of, now that Christmas is over, there's really no more point to winter, right?)

Brooks Brothers Supima Cotton Oxford Stripe Blouse, on sale $44.75

Let's get preppy.  Like, super preppy.  Stripes, pearl buttons, and some serious embroidery.  This shirt is where prep went to die.  And I want it on me right now.

Make + Model Pattern Thermal Pajamas in Critter Fairisle Cream, on sale $32.16

And now you're getting pajamas because I am crazy.  These probably would've been best on Christmas morning, but there's always next year!  Anyway, thermal is the bomb and these are adorable to boot.

Asos Feather Clutch, on sale $30.78

To end things on a completely ridiculous note, I give you the feather clutch.  Rarely seen in the wild, this fine specimen will liven up just about anything.  I kind of love it and also kind of think it's totally absurd.  Which is basically where my head is at right now.


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