Home for the Holidays

Straggler Christmas trees on December 20th and a broken down greenhouse.  I blame the economy.

Some of my favorite ornaments.  Tink is a classic and always gets a place on honor on our tree.

J. Crew gift card from my brother, of course presented with his own special flair.

The super cool poster I got my brother.  Best present ever, if I do say so myself.

Amazing gift from my mom.  Ink on paper done by my godfather in 1972 that she had framed for me.  I've always loved this print and its so thoughtful of her to do that for me.

Excess of Christmas candy.

Mom's decorating is totally Pinterest-worthy.  Creepy bobble Santa and pine cones in a vase.

Christmas liquid cheer.

Christmas dinner place settings.  Obsessed with this china.

Vaugely creepy nutcrackers peeping over the bench.

Oh, home.  I can't say enough about my week at home.  It was incredibly busy and hectic, but so so so wonderful.  I got to see everyone I wanted to see and spend time with them all.  I'm so thankful for how I was able to spend my time.  

Christmas tree shopping with my dad.

Birthday dinner for my brother and then going out with all his friends.

Drinks and laughs at a local watering hole (complete with live music!) with high school friends.

Finally catching up with one of my oldest friends and her husband.

Hilarious board games.

Drunken brunch with my college roommate.

Patriots game with family, complete with Louie's Pizza.

Seemingly endless margaritas and creepy middle-aged men.

Chinese food/Roma's sandwiches/Andrea's Pizza/Homemade meatballs and sausage.

Christmas Eve at my grandparents'.  Appetizers only.

Snow on Christmas morning.

Kitchen dance parties, discovering fun new music, and rediscovering great old music.

Christmas Day, at our house, my grandparents', my aunts', and back to my grandparents'.

I hope your holidays were just as eventful and fun.  High hopes for 2013 and have a very very happy new year!


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