Friday's Fancies: Back to School

Another week in the books.

For the weekend, I've got serious organization plans, including some intense purging of all the junk that has accumulated in our apartment.

Also in the cards is a day-trip to some Virginia wineries to unwind.

Hope you kids are up to some fun stuff!

Friday's Fancies: Back to School

Friday's Fancies: Back to School by smartificial featuring a black shirt

Cliched as it may be, back to school always makes me think of plaid.  Maybe it's the autumn air, maybe it's my unhealthy obsession with all things Clueless, but either way, school calls for plaid.

I always loved the first day of school.  A new, carefully-curated outfit and  fresh notebooks just waiting to be filled with knowledge are two of my very favorite things.

You know what's in this season?  That's right, backpacks are back.  Along with varsity jackets.  So relive your high school days, assuming they were good, and hop on the school style bandwagon.

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  1. Love this outfit! Seriously so prep school/Clueless-esque. Love the plaid skirt, backpack, and varsity jacket :]

    Glad I found your blog on Friday's Fancies :] Have a great weekend!

  2. Great look! I love that oversized sweater and that leather bag!

  3. Thanks, Jessica! I'm all about the oversized sweaters for fall!

  4. Thanks, Sheri Ann - I always love to meet new blogger friends through Fridays Fancies!


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