Friday's Fancies: Treat Time

As I write this, I'm sitting on a porch in New Hampshire, watching the rain come down onto lush, green lawns.

It's pretty great.

In a bit, DT and I will make the drive to Vermont, another place that just makes me happy.

Here's to a great weekend, a lovely wedding for J & B, and too much fun for all parties involved.

And here's to New England, for always feeling like home.

Friday's Fancies: Treat Time

Friday's Fancies: Treat Time by smartificial featuring topshop

Favorite summer treat?

A margarita, by far.

On the rocks, no salt.

And usually the skinny version, not because I'm worried about calories (is butter a carb?), but because that's the way you get the best ingredients and most flavor.

 None of that sickly sugary sour mix here please.

This obnoxiously bright lace dress seemed the perfect companion to a margarita.  I added neutral accessories, a cocktail ring, and a pop of bright lipstick.

Drink up!

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