Four on Thursday

1 // I'm always in the market for another striped tee.  Wearing one everyday would not be overkill.  Boden is a company I've been looking at for awhile, but haven't purchased from yet.  Anyone have any experience with them?

2 // This is a cashmere sweater that was originally $328 and is marked down to $49.99.  I shouldn't have to do the math for you to know that this is a total steal.

3 // Forever 21 has been killing it in the activewear category recently.  They're giving Lululemon a run for their money, except of course that the Forever 21 gear is about 1/10th of the price.  No brainer.

4 // More flats!  I keep looking for great pairs of flats for the spring when I finally won't have to wear wool socks under boots everyday and this Old Navy pair is adorable.  There are several color choices and I like the divot in the front part - a perfect little detail.

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  1. I am *obsessed* with Boden dresses. They're almost always flattering. And their baby clothes are so, so, so adorable! I always get a piece or two for my daughter as she moves through sizes. I say go for it with the shirt :) And they're very quick to give refunds if you end up returning it.

  2. Good to know, Sara! And awesome about the baby clothes too - now I know where to look when my friends' baby showers start happening!


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