Four on Thursday

Firstly, let me just say that it was not my intention to make all my picks this week striped, but it just happened and I'm very ok with it.

Secondly, most of my purchases lately have actually been home-related (rugs and artwork and sheets, oh my!), so I'm due for some serious clothes shopping.

1 // In the spring, it rains.  This shouldn't put a damper (ha!) on your day, as it just means you can wear super cute raincoats.  AKA how cute is this jacket and can it start raining now please?

2 // Old Navy does stripes pretty well.  I have a few cotton striped dresses from them and this may need to be the next addition.  I like the slightly longer sleeve length.

3 // Last summer was the summer of my inaugural maxi dress, but I'm looking to add more to my closet.  I love the ease of them and that they're a bit more polished than your standard sundress.

4 //  Have you noticed yet that I want all the earrings?  These are a fun and unique take on the statement stud.  The chain fringe is unexpected and I'm a sucker for anything that shimmies.

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