Jet Moto

Leather Jacket: Banana Republic (old); Top and Boots: LL Bean; Jeans: Guido & Mary via MyHabit (similar); Tote: Old Navy; Beret: via Marshalls; Shades: Ray Ban

Saturday was beautiful.  It was finally warm and sunny, so I took full advantage and spent almost the entire day outside.  At one point, my friends and I were driving down U Street and Florida Avenue in the convertible (top down, chrome spinning) and it was glorious.  Everyone was out, walking around, eating and drinking on patios, wearing sunglasses, laughing, smiling, and being so happy to be outdoors.  It perfectly captured that first day of spring feeling when you can finally escape your apartment and your flannel sheets to run around outside like a kid hopped up on pixie sticks.  It's almost too good.

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