For Your (Weekend) Consideration

Hello Friday!  This is one of my last DC summer weekends and I plan to take full advantage of it.  

Best headline ever?  Also an interesting read.

A history of how corporations became people.

Some stunningly beautiful photos.

My brother and his friends made a music video last winter.  Here's the teaser.

I don't think the point of feminism is exclusion, but some apparently do.

I mentioned going to the best wedding ever last weekend.  Here are the gorgeous photos to prove it.

Just like women do not exist to be men's sexual playthings, men do not exist strictly to carry heavy things for women.

Why do we still talk about the number of women and children killed in tragedies or war zones?  

And the funniest thing I found on the Internets all week.  

Do something fun this weekend!


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