Four on Thursday

1 //  It's that weird time of year where stores are cramming pre-fall sweaters and boots down our throats, but it's 90 degrees outside and all I want to wear is a bathing suit.  Or, if bathing suits aren't location appropriate (the workplace and such), a little white dress. This BR dress is twill cotton (aka cool), adorable, and exactly what I want to end my summer wearing.

2 //  When fall does eventually come, I hope to be wearing this skirt.  It's a big pattern, but toned down by the neutral colors.  It would match everything and be perfect for the office.

3 //  I'll never give up my stripes, no matter what the season, but this cranberry/maroon color is a perfect way to keep that nautical summery thing going into the cooler weather.  

4 //  And another white dress, because why not?  


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