Tony and Whit Get Hitched

Here's a look at the wedding where I wore yesterday's baller outfit.  In case you didn't believe how fun it was, let me direct you to the dance floor photos.

The first four photos are mine and the rest are Birds of a Feather Photography, who were amazing.  The wedding was on a Saturday and I think W had the fully edited photos by Tuesday.  

I can't say enough about this couple and how much happiness and love there was during the whole shindig.  Down to the smallest detail, everything was wonderful and perfectly represented the two of them.  And believe me, whittling down all the photos to a select few was not easy.  That's just what happens when all of your friends are really, really, ridiculously good-looking.


  1. Gorgeous wedding and you did look just lovely :)

  2. It really was gorgeous! And thank you!


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