Four on Thursday

Yes, I get it, everyone is excited for fall and sweaters and boots and pumpkin everything, but I say slow your roll.  As much as I love all of those things, I know that there are a solid six months where I will only wear some type of pant tucked into a boot while wrapped in a giant sweater.  There is plenty of time for all that.  As far as I'm concerned, it's still August and I still want to wear as few layers as possible.  Let's do dresses.  Summer dresses!

 1 //  Theory is one of my favorite brands because they make high quality basics.  The regular prices are usually too high for me, so I usually look at TJ Maxx or Marshalls for them at a steal, but ShopBop is doing a good job here.  You can't go wrong with a simple navy tee dress.  I would wear this thing out.  Also, it will be great for fall layering, when fall actually starts (endless summer!).

2 //  I have yet to meet a striped dress that I don't immediately fawn over.  This LL Bean stunner is no exception.  This blue color comes in limited sizes, but there is a gorgeous cranberry color available in every size.  The long sleeves make this different from the norm and great for cooler weather.

3 //  Another Theory dress on great sale?  Well, why not?  This one is, yes, striped.  It's adorable.  What else can I say?

4 //  A white, crochet and/or lace, summer dress is always on my list, but I can never find one that is quite right.  Free People's dress is pretty close, but I go back and forth on the racerback.  However, that doesn't mean you shouldn't scoop this puppy up at 70% off.

And I'm off to Boston tomorrow to head to Maine and celebrate Labor Day with my family, lobsters, and sunset beach cocktails.  Summer forever!


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