For Your (Weekend) Consideration

If we aren't going to even mention institutionalized racism, police reform is impossible.

I'm a big fan of Lindy West's and this story of how she "fed" one of her trolls is beautiful and shows a potential for change (hopefully).

Budweiser is lame.

The 18 best films shown at Sundance this year.  Now if they could only come to Netflix immediately, that would be great.

Children raised in secular homes do just fine.  Maybe even better. 

These white perforated pumps by Christian Siriano for Payless are gorgeous and less than $30.  Unreal.

I'm amazed by how much money American Sniper has made and continues to make.  Although I haven't seen it, I have some serious problems with the message it sends. Whether you choose to see it or not, this is an interesting look at how the movie ignores the big picture.

Maternity leave policies in the US are, shockingly (sarcasm font, why don't you exist yet?), terrible.

In things I would never have guessed, Mississippi has the highest rate of vaccinated children.  How is this even possible?

Finally, this short fiction by Toni Morrison is brutal, heart-breaking, and so succinctly describes so much about with our attitudes towards race.  It is a beautiful story, but really just broke my heart.


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