Four on Thursday

Every year, like clockwork, right around February, I start thinking I have mono.  It should be noted that I never actually had mono.  I get super lethargic, easily exhausted, and just generally drained.  The good news is that it's not really mono.  The bad news is that winter has gotten to me.  The cold, the wind, the various forms of precipitation have all conspired against me.  The only cure?  A tropical locale.  And in 8 days, that's exactly where I'll be.  Purely for health reasons, of course.

Clockwise from Top Left:

1 //  Firstly, this jumpsuit is everything and I have absolutely zero occasion to wear it.  Yet I cannot stop staring at it.  I love how crisp and clean the color is and how well-tailored it is.  God, this is good.  I need somewhere to wear this in the very near future.

2 //  Lately I've been on the hunt for pieces that will see me through these hopefully last few weeks of winter and still be good when the cold rolls in again next year.  This taupe cardigan might fit the bill.  I like its texture, color, and shape.  It's like your very well-dressed grandpa's cardigan.

3 //  My friends and I are in the planning stages for this year's Foxfield races, and of course, that's an excuse for a new dress.  This ice blue dress is an early frontrunner for me.  It manages to look both retro and modern at the same time.  The bluish pastel is perfect for spring and I like the look of the neckline.  Also, pockets.

4 //  Fun earrings!  These long, black tassels would be so awesome on display with a ponytail or slightly hidden while wearing your hair down.  They are simple and sleek, but can go chic or boho (cannot believe I just wrote that).  


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