For Your (Weekend) Consideration

Still sick, but heading to NYC this weekend for a girls' trip!  Bagels and pizza cure colds, right?

This trip does mean that I won't be binge-watching House of Cards quite yet.  You take the good with the bad.

The inhumane treatment of prisoners in labor.

This is old news, but the responses from an Academy voter are eye-opening on what's wrong with the process.

Jamie Lee Curtis interviews Sigourney Weaver and it's just as great as you'd hope it would be.,

These pictures of the waves on Nantucket are incredible.  I've never seen anything like it.

This essay from a Muslim woman navigating her religion in the modern world is fascinating.

An HBO mini-series about Gloria Steinem?  Sign me up.

Worst diet ever.  But honestly, finding a mummified monk in the lotus position instead a Buddha statue is pretty insane.

These kids rocking out to Led Zeppelin brought tears to my eyes because it's so awesome.

I can't wait for the final episodes of Mad Men.  These photos are stunning.  How great is Roger's hair?


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