Four on Thursday

Clockwise from Top Left:

1 //  Yes, I may have a similar gray ruched dress, but that thing gets so much wear, that it makes sense to add another.  Banana Republic is so, so good lately.  They're making great basics that are actually decent quality (Gap, take note).  This dress can be worn to work or on the weekend, depending on how you style it.  It's a workhorse.

2 //  The weather is slowly getting warmer (this is based on nothing but pure hope), and that means it's almost time for stripes on everything.  This simple blue and white top is a no-brainer.  Use it as a layering piece or all on its own.  With denim, with white denim, with mini skirts and maxi skirts.  Wear it everyyyywhere.

3 //  White button-ups are a standard in my closet.  I've got three or four that I rotate.  This collarless version is a great piece because it's a classic, but with a twist.  Those lace sleeves are stunning.

4 //  Now that I'm an expert yogi, aka I've been practicing for (almost!) 2 years and feel like I'm finally getting a grasp on my practice, it's time to step up my legging game.  I mostly stick to my basic black Zellas or a grey striated pair that I love, but I want to add some color and some pattern into my workouts.  This pair from who else, Zella, is a fun print and great, springy colors.


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