For Your (Weekend) Consideration

And we're off!  Headed down south to the Dominican Republic for some serious relaxation and a respite from the frigid weather.

Everyone have fun at NYFW.  I'll be on the beach with a good book.
April 2014, Ft. Lauderdale

I 'm amazed at how brave Brianna Wu has been during the entire GamerGate situation.

Louis C.K. is my favorite.

How the NFL has really dealt with domestic violence.  Spoiler: not well.

Tennessee drugs tests people who collect welfare, spends more money on tests than on "handouts" to those who use drugs.

As someone who finds themselves doing all of the "office housework", this is a discouraging read.

A fascinating look at how one all-women's college is reacting to its' students who may not be women by the time they graduate.

This jacket is not at all my style, but I love it anyway and want someone to rock it!

Joni Mitchell in all  her weird glory.

Annie Lennox is a fucking goddess.


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