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Sleeping Embers of an Ordinary Mind by Anne Charnock -  Three women, separated by centuries, but with a shared love of art, make up this novel.  In Renaissance Italy, Antonia is the daughter of a prominent painter and has inherited his talents, even though her gender does not allow her to officially pursue art.  In the present day, Toni's father is commissioned to paint a copy of one of Antonia's father's works. Finally, in the future, Toniah works as an art historian and seeks to discover a work by Antonia.  This book was well-written and fairly engaging.  It was... fine.  And then it ended very abruptly, leaving me feeling unsatisfied.  A nice work, but ultimately forgettable.

Annihilation by Jeff Vandermeer - I love an unreliable narrator.  It makes for such a good read, where you never know what is really true.  Our narrator here is a biologist, on an expedition into Area X, along with three other women.  Once they cross the border into Area X, everything that they trained for, everything that they were told, appears to have been for nothing.  Almost immediately, they come upon a tunnel (or, as our narrator insists on referring to it, a tower) that is not on any of their maps.  This discovery kickstarts a series of unfortunate events.  The writing style is clinical and detached, but the story is compelling enough that I'll reach for the other books in the trilogy.

Finders Keepers by Stephen King - Finders Keepers is fun.  It's suspenseful.  It's Stephen King having a grand old time.  Morris Bellamy stole from and murdered his favorite author in 1978.  When another crime put him in jail, he was unable to reap the benefits of his stolen treasure - the unpublished notebooks belonging to said author.  Fast forward about 40 years and pubescent Pete Saubers finds those very same notebooks.  Chaos ensues.  A good, quick, and fun read.


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