Recent Purchases

Recent Purchases
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Marmot Montreaux Down Coat - After last year's winter, which felt never-ending, I knew I needed a super, super warm coat.  I have one that I keep in the closet at my parents' house because, well, that's New England, but I didn't have a DC counterpart.  When this coat went on sale, I grabbed it.  While I haven't tested it in frigid temps yet (mild winter can stay as long as it wants), it seems incredibly warm and cozy.  Definitely size up though.  I bought a Medium and it's a perfect fit.  Result: Kept.

Leith Faux Suede Leggings - I'm all about texture in the colder weather.  If you catch me anywhere, I'm probably wearing all black, maybe some gray if I'm feeling crazy, so I need to mix it up.  These leggings looked like a cool and comfortable way to add some softness.  Unfortunately, the fit was unflattering to say the least.  #MomButt.  Result: Returned. Sold out, similar.

Leith Cut In Tank Dress - Such a pretty, simple dress.  I bought it in teal, which was a gorgeous color.  However, I found the cut to be impossible.  There was weird side boob and there was no way a bra would work.  No good. Result: Returned.

Vince Camuto Long Sleeve Boatneck Sweater with Pockets - While I was home for Thanksgiving and feeling stir-crazy enough to tempt my stomach bug in public, my mom and I went furniture shopping for her new(ish) house and of course, stopped in Marshalls because that's how we do.  This sweater was there calling my name.  It's the most beautiful blush color (although this oxblood shade shown is pretty good too) and the fit was perfect.  Slightly slouchy and super cozy.  Result: Kept.

Hue Faux Leather Leggings - These leggings are great, but they aren't perfect.  And that's why they are still sitting in the box on my bedroom floor, waiting for me to make up my damn mind.  Result: TBD.


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