Recap: Ashley's Wedding

Yes, this recap is two months late.

Luckily, even though I only finally went through the photos last night, I wrote it up immediately after the events, so everything is spot on.  Congrats to me.

Columbus Day Weekend was insane.  I flew home to Boston on Wednesday night, spent Thursday doing wedding prep with the bridal party and getting my first mani/pedi (yes, I know), and headed up to Salem for all the wedding fun on Friday.

That night was the rehearsal, which we had to do indoors due to the weather, and the rehearsal dinner, where I ate seconds of everything, bridesmaid dress be damned.  After that, it was time to kick off the party with tons of our friends.  I probably stayed out too late and had one drink too many, but I still managed to be up bright and early on Saturday morning for all of the things.

First, I learned that I have no hair.  Our hairdresser was incredible, and when she couldn't get the thickness of the braid that I had envisioned, I told her to go rogue.  She came up with the most gorgeous, intricate flower braid.  Secondly, why have I never had my make-up professionally done before?  I was obsessed.  Could not stop staring at myself.  Complete and total narcissist all day.

And then the wedding.  After anxiously waiting in the bridal suite, we were finally called downstairs and everything happened incredibly fast.  I was the first to walk down the aisle, which is nerve racking enough, but then throw in a bunch of random strangers on the street who have stopped to watch and your audience gets two or three times bigger.  I did manage not to fall and kept the ugly crying to a minimum, I hope.  

The ceremony was beautiful and I cried and cried again and Ashley was so gorgeous and Danny was so happy and it was just the most wonderful thing in the world.

And then it was party time!   


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