Smart Gift Guide: For the Host(ess)

Smart Gift Guide: For the Host(ess)
Morning After Gift Set - Bath Bombs - Syrup Set - PostSecret Coffee Table Book - Tinned Candle - Candle - Monogram Flameless Candle - Salt - Gift Soap Set - Scent Set - Ornament - Cocktail Shaker - Philosophy Bath Set - Centerpiece - Paris in Color Coffee Table Book

Tis the season for parties.  Constant parties.

If your calendar looks anything like mine, it makes you want to take a nap after just glancing at it.

For all these parties, stock up on host(ess) gifts.  Go a little frivolous and buy them something they wouldn't buy for themselves.  I like a good coffee table book or a fancy kitchen ingredient.

Other ideas: a cheeseboard or cheese knives (cheese included, duh), wine wrapped in a festive manner, or classic flowers (already in a vase - you don't want to give your hosts extra work to do).

I suggest making a trip to the home section of your local TJ Maxx or Marshalls.  Tons of unique stuff at great prices, so stocking up won't break the bank.


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