The Weekly Wishlist

It's the final countdown!

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Zella Quick Quick Half-Zip Jacket via Nordstrom, on sale $52.26 - Obviously, I like the black version of this jacket, but it comes in a number of colors and looks great for winter workouts.

LL Bean Signature Cotton Fisherman Sweater, on sale $71.20 - LL Bean makes the warmest, coziest sweaters.  I hope this one carries on the tradition.  Also in cream and red.

Asos Jumpsuit with Chic Wrap, on sale $69.30 - I like this for a New Year's Eve party.  It's simple, but unique.  

Kristen Blake Spotted Faux Fut Jacket via Nordstrom, on sale $91.90 - How fun is this jacket?  I would wear this everywhere.  Like, grocery shopping everywhere.


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