For Your (Weekend) Consideration

This week was crazy - I had a thousand things on my to-do list and somehow, I got them all done.  Most of this is in preparation for... Saint Martin!  We leave tomorrow morning and I cannot wait for a week of being on island time!  Follow me on Insta (@Smartificial_) and Snapchat (smartificial) for beach vibes and coconut cocktails.  

Baker's Beach, August 2016

Zadie Smith is a genius.  Jeffrey Eugenides thinks so too.

Earlier this week, our President-Elect tweeted that flag-burning should be punishable by jail time or the loss of citizenship.  As much as it pains me to agree with Antonin Scalia, there is a reason that flag-burning is not only legal, but protected by the First Amendment.

Boston readers - Eataly just opened!  I'll definitely be stopping in when I'm home for Christmas!

Check out the fascinating consumer trends by both Clinton & Trump voters.

Whistle & Wild is an online boutique owned by a local woman.  She has a great selection of pieces, but this rose gold shimmer top is one of my favorites.

Aleppo's last hospital has fallen and the hundreds of thousands of civilians who remain have nowhere to go for medical treatment.

Patagonia continues to be a fantastic brand that cares about it's customers, it's employees, and the planet.  

2017's Pirelli calendar is make-up free.  Love it!


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