For Your (Weekend) Consideration

Yet another week that just got away from me.  Between coming back from vacation, getting out all my holiday cards, Christmas shopping, and all the events going on, I'm dead.  And this weekend isn't looking any slower!  Naptime, anyone?

Austin, Texas, September 2016

Pantone has picked the color of 2017 and I hate it.  I love the explanations of how they choose, but this particular shade is just not working for me.  What do you think of it?

Senator Barbara Mikulski is retiring and she will be sorely missed.  In her own words, "They said, 'You don't look the part.' I said: this is what the part looks like.'"May we have more women elected officials like her.

Long read of the week is Ta-Nehisi Coates' cover story for the Atlantic on President Obama.  This is powerful stuff.  

Want more reading to do?  Here's a list of books that are being adapted into films coming out in 2017.  I'm most excited for The Circle.

LOFT has really, really good knits right now.  This baby is 50% off and this gorgeous specimen is 40% off!


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