New Year, New You (Ew)

It's the last week of 2016 and I know I'm not alone when I say good riddance.  A new year brings new opportunities.  It feels like a good time to wipe the slate clean and begin again.  Obviously, you can't actually do that, but it's nice to pretend for a couple of weeks.

I was looking through my 2016 new year's resolutions and wanted to update you on how I did.

  • Find a primary care physician - Check!  Definitely got this one covered, even if it took me until July.  But I did get a physical after hmm, seven years?  And I have a great primary care physician if anyone is looking!
  • Learn to use the manual setting on my camera - Not so much.  I'm lazy and usually will just head right to the creative auto setting.  Let's just shift this one into the 2017 resolutions column.
  • Entertain at home - Kinda!  We definitely had some gatherings - mostly pool parties because that's what you do in DC in the summer, but we also had some small dinner parties too.  I think this one was successful, but I'll keep working on it.
  • Have a travel mindset - This was a weird one because I'm not totally sure what it meant.  I did a lot of traveling over this past year and I think I soaked it all in as best I could.  Travel is one of those things that we want to focus on going forward because we ain't getting any younger over here.

I'll come up with resolutions for 2017 and post about those soon. What are your thoughts on resolutions?  Do they work?  This year, I think I'll shoot for very small, but very specific resolutions.  To be continued! 


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