Best Looks of 2016

First off let me apologize - when I was pulling together this round-up, I realized that I have been seriously slacking when it comes to outfit posts!  It's one of my new year resolutions to be better about that, so let's look back on the little bit that 2016 had to offer, but really focus on what 2017 will bring!

Even when things change, they stay the same.  I'm still drawn to a neutral color palette, good basics, and will choose comfort over "fashion" any day.  I can happily say that all of the pieces in these pictures are ones that I reach for over and over again.  While that doesn't make for the most exciting fashion blog of all time, it makes for a good closet with staples I can rely on.  There are no "I have nothing to wear" moments happening.  

We can get wrapped up in comparison, especially within the Instagram world, where it can seem like some people have everything.  But at the end of the day, are you happy?  Are you surrounded by the people that you love?  Yes, we all love shopping and getting new stuff, but if that stuff is just filling a hole, it doesn't mean anything.  

I'm looking at these photos and thinking about what each piece means to me.  Those riding boots have been mine since 2006.  They came abroad with me.  They've been re-heeled a half dozen times.  I bought that Longchamp bag with money from my first bonus at my first grown-up job.  Those white jeans have been brightening my closet for five, six years.  And that black and white ikat dress may be on the newer side, but it's already gotten plenty of wear and will get lots more.

There's a reason these are my favorite looks of the year - they are all completely me.  


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