For Your (Weekend) Consideration

Hello!  Sorry for the radio silence this week - I'm taking a blog break while I'm on Saint Maarten.  I also still haven't figured out how to spell it correctly since there's a Dutch side and a French side and it's all very confusing.  

Anyway, here's a brief round-up of stuff to read and I will be back next week!

Westport, August 2016

Check out these two fascinating maps based on the election data.

Patton Oswalt's Magical Year of Parenting.

How are Muslims portrayed on television?  How should they be?  An interesting discussion with showrunners, writers, actors, producers, and directors.

Here are the New York Times' 100 Notable Books of 2016.  I've got some reading to do!

This New York attorney is taking on revenge porn and kicking ass while she does.  (Long read, but so great.)


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