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Did you know Amazon has their own fashion line?  I didn't, but when it went on super sale (I mean SUPER - all of these pieces were less than $20 at the time I purchased them), I bought some pieces to try them out.  Everything is by Lark & Ro.

Recent Purchases

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Mock Neck Pieced Ponte Shift Dress - This has a very mod, '60s, swinging London, Twiggy vibe to it.  It's definitely something new for me, but I like both the fabric and the cut.  And I always need more navy dresses for the warm weather.  Navy is summer's black.  Result: Kept.

Sleeveless Layered Top - I'm always on the lookout for work tops and I loved the champagne color of this one.  However, when it arrived and I tried it on, it was so sheer that it was beyond inappropriate.  Hard pass.  Result: Returned.

Short Sleeve Eyelet Tassel Shift Dress - Will I ever learn?  I can't stop with the shapeless sack dresses, and yet when I put them on, they are the most unflattering silhouette ever on me.  But I keep hoping that will change.  Spoiler: it doesn't.  This dress was no exception, but it's so cute!  If sack dresses work for you, I suggest grabbing this one.  Result: Returned. 

Sleeveless Tie Front Halter Maxi Dress - Even though it took me a couple years to get on the maxi dress train, all aboard!  Seriously, they're my favorite.  I can use another one like a hole in the head, but I loved the print on this one and the color combination.  The shape is nice too and it moves really well.  I'm already planning how often I can wear this in the summer.  Result: Kept.

Crossover Top - I love a good blouse.  All the ladylike blouses with lace and high necks and ruffles have  been calling my name, but there's something to be said for simple and classic.  This crossover blouse is a faux-wrap style in a pretty hunter green color.  Even though it's outside my usual neutral color palette, I've been wearing it often.  Result: Kept.

Sleeveless Side Knot Detail Dress - LBDs are a necessity.  I have a few, but always have my eye out for another.  This one was perfectly stretchy, clung to all the right places, and was really flattering on, but the material was complete crap.  Sorry.  It was too thin, seemingly sheer where it was stretched, and just felt cheap.  Result: Returned.


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