That Time We Got Married: Part 5 Cocktail Hour

I swear we're nearing the end of the wedding posts.  We just hit the six month mark and I'd say we're doing pretty good at this whole marriage thing.  We're picking up and moving and uprooting our lives with no real plan, and while some may think that's irresponsible or scary, I think it's really exciting! 

Ok, rewind to six months ago.  We've tied the knot, we've taken awesome pictures, we've celebrated with our families, we've partied, slept, and got ready to do it all over again.  Now, let's enjoy a lovely cocktail hour.

Do you hear that?  Oh yes, that's our lovely jazz duo setting a classy mood for the evening.

Everyone's faces when they walked into the Whaling Museum and saw the cocktail hour venue were amazing.  

Why were they so psyched?  Well, there was a whaling ship smack in the middle of the room.

Pretty sweet, right?

All my hometown girls were there!  And color coordinated like pros.

Dress: Amsale; Earrings: Forever 21

My unofficial bridesmaids looked amazing.  I never expected anything less.

After cocktail hour (way too fast - so many people to say hi to and not enough clamcakes in my life), we went upstairs to where dinner and dancing would happen.

I was obsessed with how everything looked and couldn't wait to a) eat and b) shake my booty.

But first, Dan gave a lovely toast.  He told me he was going to thank all of our guests for coming and our parents for birthing us and all that, but then he started saying very nice things about me, which made me super uncomfortable!  No compliments!  Especially in public.

Then Dan's dad gave another toast, which was touching and sweet and had a shout-out to St. Mikes.

And then we ate!  Well, I tried to eat, but we kept getting pulled away for group photos.  Fiiiine.



All Dan's cousins!

The Taylors!

And all of the Dohertys!  I'm amazed we all fit in the frame!

All photos by Doug Levy - hire him immediately.


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