Spring Staple: The Field Jacket

It's downpouring in DC today, so let's talk spring.  April showers and all that.  Side note: is this just a New England thing, or were you taught this entire thing?

April showers bring May flowers.
And what do May flowers bring?

Mayflowers.  Pilgrims.  Get it?  

Alright, so after that bizarre tangent, let's talk spring staples.  We all know the basics - light sweaters, open-toed shoes, a good raincoat.  But my personal favorite is the field jacket.

Army jacket, military jacket, field jacket, whatever you call it, you know precisely what I'm talking about.  It's usually some shade of green, it's lighter than a coat, and it's the perfect thing to toss on for unpredictable weather.

I bought this one at Refine back in the fall, knowing that it would be exactly what I needed come springtime.  It doesn't provide warmth or waterproofing, but the styling of it is what mattered to me.

From the snaps to the pockets to the collar, it's a piece that I'm constantly reaching for when I need a topper.

As I commented to a friend on Instagram, I love this jacket for spring layering.  Sitting in the sun and starting to bake?  Jacket off.  Wind picks up?  Jacket back on.  Rinse and repeat.

Jacket: via Shop Refine (options here, here, and here); Sweater: Theory (striped options here, here, and here); Denim: J. Crew Factory; Boots: Nine West (similar here and here); Tote: Old Navy; Shades: Ray Ban

What are your spring staples?  Let me know in the comments!


  1. Um, I LOVE the "April Showers" saying! Bryan had never heard the Pilgrim part until he met me. How is this possible, you ask? I don't know. I thought it was a requirement of all commonwealth parents to teach it to their children. I always teach it to my third graders. They love it...once they figure it out.


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