Friday's Fancies: Spring Has Sprung!

Friday's Fancies: Spring Has Sprung

Friday's Fancies: Spring Has Sprung by smartificial featuring flower print shoes

Friday never felt so good!

Last night, I stopped into the Benetton store in Georgetown for their Pink Party, showing off the brand and celebrating the start of cherry blossom season.  The extent of my knowledge of Benetton is the ads from the 80s with all the people of different nationalities.

Does that totally date me?

Regardless, the store was great and the pieces were a) much cuter than I expected and b) much more reasonably priced.  Think Zara.  As in most things were overpriced, but would be completely worth it when they went on sale.  They served pink champagne and macarons, so it wasn't a bad way to spend a Thursday evening.

Despite what the weather may be doing, it is finally spring and {av} has asked us to share our ultimate spring wishlist.  Don't mind if I do.

Fresh flowers.  A flirty skirt.  A bright sundress.  Strappy sandals.  Neon.  Pastels.  Seersucker.

Hopefully that covers all of my bases.

Have a fantastic weekend!


  1. Those purple shoes are ADORABLE-- such sweet finds here!


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