Guy Style: The Backpack

DT and I have both had the travel bug lately.  Luckily, I'm headed to London next weekend, while he will be jaunting around New Orleans, but what we really want to do is a little European backpacking trip.

I was able to take DT back to my old stomping grounds in Galway when we visited his sister in Ireland, but he wants to get me to his old turf in Salzburg, Austria.  And I'm not saying no to that.  It will probably be another year until we get there because we have infinite bachelor(ette) parties and weddings and reunions this spring/summer/fall, but I for one cannot wait.

Anyway, DT has been looking at and buying travel backpacks online.  And then one day at Eastern Market, where we spend most weekend afternoons, he found this bag.  Made in East Germany.  Yes, East Germany.  Real leather straps, bright blue nylon, and even an old name markered on and then covered over.

This bag has serious history and we're looking forward to giving it some new memories as well.


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