Four on Thursday

98 degrees.

No, not the band.

This is the weather I'm talking about.

Sticky, sweaty, glorious heat.

Summertime.  It's official.

Calvin Klein Sleeveless Metallic Accent V-Neck Dress, on sale $89.99 (add'l 30% off at checkout)

All about little white dresses.  And this one is even work appropriate!  I dig the metallic detailing on the waist and neckline.  Great for the office or a fancy night out on the town.

Tailor & Stylist Santorini Dress, $49.95

This dress I'm slightly obsessed with.  Gorgeous white chiffon pleating combined with edgier leather detailing.  Honestly, this is my favorite piece I've seen in awhile.  Not totally sure how I would style it, but I'm up for the challenge.

Nine West Catatude Sandal, on sale $59.21

A bright heel can make an outfit.  These come in yellow, red, and black, but I'm partial to the sunny yellow that I think would freshen up your look.  The small heel and unique straps are comfortable and chic.

Free People Rocket High Cardi, on sale $75.97

If there's one thing I love, it's that time at the beach when it is late afternoon, most people have left, and the sun is setting.  The weather has cooled and the cocktails come out.  And what better way to enjoy that time than by wrapping yourself in a big, chunky cardigan over your bikini.  Those are the things dreams are made of.


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