Friday's Fancies: Memorial Day Weekend

Well, the weather may not be cooperating so far, but here's to a very happy 
Memorial Day Weekend!

Friday's Fancies: Memorial Day Weekend

Friday's Fancies: Memorial Day Weekend by smartificial featuring canvas tote bags

My pool opens tomorrow, so assuming it warms up and those clouds clear out, that's where I'll be spending my days.

Cute bikini, a cover-up, Jack Rogers, a tote bag for carrying all my books/magazines/sunscreens/etc, aviators and a hat will make for an easy, casual pool day.

Whatever you're doing, have fun!


  1. Love that bathing suit and the cover up!

  2. Such a beach perfect look. Love that coverup!

  3. I just bought a really similar bikini from Target, so here's hoping it's as flattering in person as it is in my head! Thanks for commenting, Lori!

  4. Check out Victoria's Secret - they always have cute ones at good prices!

  5. Me too! Now I just have to get it in my real closet as opposed to my virtual one!

    Thanks, Kristin!



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