Dress: Olive & Oak via TJ Maxx; Sweater: LL Bean: Sandals: Jack Rogers; Bag: Target; Hat: Eastern Market (similar); Necklace: Vintage: Bracelet: Kiel James Patrick; Shades: Ray Ban

I'm slowly, but surely becoming a morning person.  It's like all of my dreams are coming true!  By no longer dreaming!

Except I then get back into bed and maybe fall back to sleep a little bit.  And then I'm maybe running late, but still make time to make peanut butter toast.  This is all hypothetical of course.

On a totally unrelated note, I've been suuuuper slow to get on the maxi dress/skirt bandwagon and what exactly was I waiting for?

I snagged this baby at TJ Maxx a couple weeks ago and it's going to get serious use this summer.

Have a lovely Tuesday!  Or, you know, as great of a Tuesday as you can.  


  1. Thanks, Em! It's not my usual color, but it's definitely growing on me!

  2. i love the maxi! I wore mine today. There is something so feminine about them. The notion of feeling so pretty and lady like without showing your bum in way too skin tight clothing, perhaps.

    Amanda Rose

  3. You pull off a hat SO well! I feel like I don't look good in them but you've inspired me to try lol


  4. Looove the maxi! & I'm sure you got it for an even better deal than what its going for at Macy's!

  5. You know it! Thanks, Kamola!


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