Four on Thursday

Welcome to another edition of Four on Thursday!

This week, we're looking at fall trend pieces.


Leather trim, black & white, and sheer.  This top hits all of the current trends without being over the top.  The blousey drape and print are both flattering on most shapes and the faux leather trim is a nice touch to make the top more fall appropriate.


Leather is everywhere, so get used to it.  If you're of the pro-animal camp, vegan leather is an option for you.  This skirt from Tinley Road comes in this gorgeous camel color as well as black and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.


I may have found one of my fall must-haves.  Pointed toe black flats have been at the top of the list, but isn't it always the simplest items that are the hardest to find?  Zara to the rescue.  The shape and patent leather are exactly what I've been searching for.


A gorgeous, real leather clutch for less than $60 normally doesn't exist.  But LL Bean has remedied that  with this luxurious bag.  The navy is sold out right now (I knowwww), but it comes in a light tan as well as a beautiful black cherry, red wine shade.  Scoop this one up.

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  1. Wow, I'm surprised to see something so chic from L.L. Bean! I love it!

    xo, Abby @ Always, Abby


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