Four on Thursday

While the workdays have felt short, this week as a whole has seemed incredibly long.

I eased the pain a bit with a trip to TJ Maxx last night that was very successful.  

Let's just say you'll be seeing some new booties on the blog very soon.

And I'm talking about shoes.


I have many (some might say too many) sweater dresses, but a sweatshirt dress is something I'm lacking and it sounds right up my alley.  Comfort is king.


As much as I would love a pair of real leather pants, it ain't happening.  These "leather-look" skinny pants from Espirit (seriously, I feel like I'm back in elementary school) are a great alternative to the real deal.


Let's ignore for a second that my coat closet is already packed and focus on the good here.  Dove gray color.  Funnel neck. Under $100.


Hats!  All of the hats.  A wide-brimmed wool hat is a great topper for the cold weather when a beanie just won't cut it.  I love the gray with the black band of this one.

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