Friday's Fancies: Transition Time

Anyone else psyched for the weekend?

My soccer season starts and we're celebrating a friend's 30th birthday.

Other than that, no plans!  Summer may not be over, but all of its obligations are met.

Friday's Fancies: Transition Time

Friday's Fancies: Transition Time by smartificial featuring Michael Kors

It's almost my favorite time of year to dress for.  Layers, layers, and more layers.

The best part of this season is that you can still take all of your summer stuff and with just a few other pieces, make it perfectly acceptable for fall.

Take a little sundress.

Throw on a riding boot, leather jacket, chunky necklace, and a crossbody bag and you're good for a night out on the town.

Or add a chunky knit, a bootie, a pendant necklace, and a more structured bag and you're off to do your weekend errands and maybe grab a mimosa or two while you're at it.

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  1. I love that navy dress with brown accents. What a fabulous look! Have a happy Friday!
    -The Preppy Student

  2. I am over the moon in love with that jacket!

    Friday's Fancies

  3. Great picks... LOVE that dress!

  4. I'm with you, layering is the best... I love sweaters over leggings with boots, and usually a scarf to top it all off. Happy Weekend! :)

    xo, Abby @ Always, Abby

  5. I love it too - can't wait to try it out soon! Thanks!

  6. I just bought one really similar to it and can't wait until its cool enough to wear!

    Thanks for commenting :)


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