Friday's Fancies: Friday Night Lights

In high school, Friday nights were always spent at the football game.  My friends were mostly jocks and by the time we were upperclassmen, they were all big time varsity football dudes.

Paying attention to the game was less fun than all the socializing there was to do.  You'd see everyone there, including all your friends, everyone's families, and your teachers, which meant you had to not get caught be on your best behavior.

Friday's Fancies: Friday Night Lights

Friday's Fancies: Friday Night Lights by smartificial featuring block heel booties

Football is all about comfort and warmth.

And also looking cute in case you want to make out under the bleachers.

Sweatshirts are trendy.

I will repeat, sweatshirts are trendy and no longer something you wear around your house with yoga pants.

If I were still in high school, reliving the glory days, I'd rock a sporty, but well-cut sweatshirt with dark wash skinny jeans, boots (yes, the same pair I featured last week - it looks like I've got a thing for them), a crossbody bag, and some accessories for when the temperatures start to drop.

Go team!

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