For Your (Weekend) Consideration

Portland Headlight, August 2012

First off, one million articles about the USWNT because I am so psyched that they won the World Cup in the fashion that they did.

Every US goal as announced by Telemundo. GOOOOOOOOL!

Carli Lloyd, greatest performance of all time?

I often hear that people don't enjoy watching women's sports.  Well, we shattered a few records on Sunday night, so that argument doesn't really hold water.

An Ode to Sydney Leroux's Eyelashes.  Or, why women choosing to look a certain way, on or off the field, does not make them a more or less serious player.

This 10-year-old kills it to "Truffle Butter".

Loved this post from Emily featuring a new to me brand, Ellie Kai.

124 mentally or emotionally ill people have been shot and killed by police so far this year.  How do we train law enforcement to interact with these people without using unnecessary violence?

I made these salmon tacos for dinner on Wednesday night and they were DELICIOUS.  And only took about 25 minutes from start to finish.

Have you ever become more or less attracted to someone the longer you knew them?  You're not alone.

Donna Karan steps down from her namesake company.

Affluent parents are less likely to talk to their children about money.

A girl shut down her local library's attempt at a "boys only" robotics program.  Kick ass.


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