The Weekly Wishlist

I'm jetting off again for the weekend to an undisclosed location.  It's for my best friend's bachelorette party and she doesn't know where we're going yet (surprise!), so all will remain a secret until she gets to the airport tomorrow morning.

Follow along with me on Instagram for all of my weekend adventures and to find out where I am! 

Clockwise from Top Left:

1 // The LBD is a favorite of mine, but you need more than one, obviously.  The fancy one, the work sheath, the long-sleeve, the sleeveless, the casual one, the makes you look awesome but not like you're trying too hard one.  And now a new category: the sarong one.  Flattering rucheing around the waist, a cute gathered knot, and a little slit all combine to make this a perfect choice for summer.

2 // A two-in-one cardigan?  Duh.  Grey on one side, white on the other.  I'd keep this in my office because a) it's freezing all the time in there, and b) it would match pretty much whatever I'm wearing on any given day.

3 // Striped dresses and I get along really well, so why not throw another one into the mix?  Banana Republic has deemed this the "patio dress" and that is exactly where I want to wear it.  You, me, this dress, a patio, and a bottle (or two) of wine sound like a wonderful evening.

4 // Summer sweaters just make me happy.  They give you warmth on those cooler days or at night, but without all the bulkiness of cold weather gear.  An open-knit is a great choice because it's breathable and gives you a peek of whatever you're layering underneath.  The dove gray color os this sweater is gorgeous.


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