Cave Ridge Vineyard

Is there anything better than sharing a bottle of wine with good friends?  I mean, sharing multiple bottles is definitely better, but you get my point.

A million years ago, on January 2nd, we left our cozy cabin in the woods to head back to DC, taking a detour or two along the way.  First order of business?  Cave Ridge Winery.  Our other cabin couple has stopped off there on their drive in and raved about it, so we needed to try it out for ourselves.

The drive from the cabin to the winery was both quick and gorgeous.  Rolling hills and green fields abound.  When we pulled up, it was to the prettiest patio, complete with a fire pit.  The building itself was also something - there was a wooden barrel room and the more modern tasting room.  We saddled up to the bar and asked for the full tasting because duh.

In all honesty, I was not expecting much from the wines.  Virginia wines have never been my favorite (with the exception of Barboursville), but I was in for a treat.  Every wine we tasted was good.  And not just Virginia good.  Even the dessert wines were't overly sweet.  By the end of the tasting, I was having a serious debate with myself over what bottles to buy because every sip was better than the last.  I settled on the Chambourcin and the Treminette because having both a red and a white was necessary.

With our New Year's leftovers of cheese and meats, we headed outside and parked ourselves at a picnic table right next to the vines.  Did I mention that it was January 2nd?  And we were drinking wine outdoors, comfortably?  Climate change is probably going to kill us all, but for now, it's pretty damn good.

As we finished our wine and our snacks, we packed up the car and got back on the road back to DC.  Maybe stopping with another detour or two along the way.  Like, a perfectly placed swing! And with room for two.

Vest: Gift (similar); Flannel: Old Navy (similar); Denim: Wit & Wisdom via Nordstrom (sold out); Boots: Timberland (in dark brown or black); Shades: Ray Ban


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