For Your (Weekend) Consideration

Union Market DC, March 2016

Armadio is a new brand offering beautiful handcrafted leather goods made in Italy.  Sign up now to be one of the first with access!

In terrible news, Hollywood is rebooting Labyrinth, the perfect David Bowie/Jennifer Connolly super weird 80s gem.

It's peak bloom for cherry blossoms!  Find trees here.

Happy to see that depression screenings for pregnant and post-partum women have been recommended.

I've never been one for dyeing Easter eggs, but if that's your thing, these gorgeous eggs from Erin should be right up your alley.

What was supposed to be a typical profile of a band quickly devolved into a study in sexism in the music industry.  A great read.

These fish tacos sound like heaven in a bowl.

Are we really going to get snow on Sunday?  We should probably call up this crew from Boston if that's the case.


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