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Grave of Hummingbirds by Jennifer Skutelsky - While it is well-written and the story eventually come together in a sort of dark beauty, I never got into this one.  Sophie and her son, at his request, travel to a remote South American village for vacation.  Once there, they discover how truly cut off from the world they are.  Sophie goes missing, and her son, along with the town doctor, himself a recent widower, become her search party.  An interesting story, but ultimately, a forgettable one for me.

Rules for Werewolves by Kirk Lynn - My brother bought me this for Christmas.  He did good.  Written entirely in dialogue, Rules for Werewolves follows a group of drifters as they move from abandoned or currently unoccupied house to house, calling themselves werewolves.  Equal parts comedy and drama, the book is smart and peppered with pop culture reference (always appreciated).  The style of the book is unlike anything else I've read.  

Mr. Fox by Helen Oyeyemi - This gem of a book took me back.  Way back.  To senior year of college.  A million years ago.  My favorite seminar of that whole year was called Metafiction and I loved every book, every poem, every short story that we read.  It opened me to an entirely new genre that I knew, but didn't know that I knew, if that makes sense.  Mr. Fox would have fit into that class seamlessly.  St. John Fox is an author who writes horrific murders of young women, until, one of his characters, Mary Foxe, shows up and begins confronting him.  This novel is smart, witty, and completely entertaining.


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