Four on Thursday

In 12 hours I will be in Boston.  Which means today is going to draggggg.  My plan is to keep myself busy, get all my work done, make my outbox empty, and try not to get too excited about being gone.  I can't wait to see old friends, eat my weight in stuffing, and drink poinsettias (its a cocktail, not the actual plant).  I must be in a very festive mood already because my picks are mostly jewel tones this week.  Let's do it.  

Asos Skater Dress with Ballet Wrap and 3/4 Sleeve in Purple, $43.98 (also in black)

How perfect is this dress for the holiday season?  Add some tights and a blazer for work, then dress it up with pumps and a statement necklace to go out.  I'm always on the lookout for dresses with sleeves.  And the purple color is gorgeous.

H&M Shoes in Green, $34.95

I actually just bought these in a beautiful fuchsia color, so I can vouch for them.  They look much more expensive than they are, and are incredibly comfortable (I'll let you know their comfort level after 4+ hours of dancing).  Not too high of a heel, a bold color, and comfort - we've found the trifecta.

Blue Essence Skinny Twill Ankle Jeans in Grey Opal, on sale $58.90 (also in taupe, mint, and hibiscus)

As I'm sure you can tell from my outfit photos lately, I've been living in pants.  It makes sense - I've been doing boots tucked into jeans before boots tucked into jeans was a thing.  Rather than standard blue jeans though, I have been reaching for color and texture.  These grey jeans are a great neutral to have because they'll match almost anything.  There are also some brighter color options if that's your jam.

Forever 21 Metal Bow Waist Belt in Red, $4.80

When did bows happen?  Unclear, but I'm all about it.  If you look in any of my online shopping bags, and yes, there are many, you'll see bows everywhere.  Bows on shorts, pants, tops, dresses, and now belts.  I love the bow belt because it is a super easy way to dress up an outfit with minimal effort (and funds, $5, are you kidding me?).  Wrap this around a black dress and you're good for a holiday party.  Cheers!

Friday's Fancies will be up tomorrow for sure.  As for my posting schedule for next week, its a little up in the air.  Recruiting my mom to be my photographer?  Oh yeah I am.  I'll do my best to post your regularly scheduled programming!


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