Friday's Fancies: Bonfire Beauties

Friday's Fancies: Bonfire Beauties

Friday's Fancies: Bonfire Beauties by smartificial featuring skinny leg jeans

It's my second week of Friday's Fancies!  This week, we're warming up by the bonfire.  There's nothing like a chilly fall night, sitting next to a bonfire, drinking beers with your friends.  This is my ideal bonfire outfit.

1.  Flannel - I mean duh.  Love flannel and this is the time for it.  Get funky with your plaids, layer a couple shirts (plaid on plaid, or throw in some chambray).  This is the time to be warm and stylish.

2.  Headband - Purely optional, but I like a little headband.  Keep your ears warm, add some flair, and stop worrying about your hair.

3.  Jeans - Comfort is number one at a bonfire.  Chances are you had to walk through some woods to get there, so jeans are your best bet.  I like a slim cut in a dark wash, in case you get a little dirty.

4.  Bean Boots - I live in mine.  They're sturdy, ready for anything, and fashionable.  Again, comfort is key and these are the most comfortable boots around.  They'll handle whatever you can throw at 'em.

5.  Fur Vest - This piece is purely for fun, but it looks great over your plaids and adds a little extra warmth for when you wander away from the fire.  

6.  Leather Belt - Either wear it on your jeans for some classic style, or belt your fur vest for a fitted, stylish look.

Have a great weekend everyone!!


  1. I have been craving a fur vest! Can you crave clothes? I am doing my first Friday Fancies on my new blog:
    I would love if you could check it out!

  2. Welcome to Friday's Fancies.. hope you are enjoying it so far! Loooove the fur vest... I have a similar one and I wear mine all the time!

  3. LOVE love love those boots! Completely necessary for winter!


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