Four on Thursday

This week is flying by!  Which is great in terms of work, but terrrible in terms of holiday getting-ready-ness.  This weekend I'd like to get a Christmas tree, decorate it, decorate the apartment, and write and mail out Christmas cards.  Most likely one of those things will get done.  And that's being generous.

On to the shopping!

Anthropologie Daytripper Dress in Pink (also in Navy), on sale $39.95

Definitely more of a springtime dress, but I love the cut and the price tag   The full skirt is flattering while the top is classic and feminine.  I dream about dressing this proper.  And then I put on yoga pants.

Dolce Vita Babett Platform Sandal in Magenta, on sale $68.08 (plus extra 30% off at checkout)

I would never wear these, but I love them anyway.  Let it be noted that I would never wear these not because they aren't gorgeous, but only because my general clumsiness precludes me from wearing any shoe with a heel this high.  The colors are gorgeous and rich, and if I were a better fashion blogger, I would pair these puppies with skinny jeans and socks.

The Limited Plaid Pencil Skirt, on sale $20.24

I had forgotten about The Limited until recently and they look like they're very much in the game.  I'm a sucker for a pencil skirt, love the subtle pattern, and the classic coloring.  It also costs much less than something similar at J. Crew or Banana.  Props to The Limited, I'm going to have to make a trip to a brick and mortar store soon.

Givenchy Petal Drop Earrings in Purple (also in Crystal, Jet, and Red), on sale $44.98

Drama!  These earrings are ideal for a season filled with cocktail parties and inaugural balls.  Sleek and sophisticated, but with a punch of color, I would rock these pretty much anywhere.  Plus they're Givenchy, which gives you the opportunity to pull an Anna Wintour and say "Giv-on-shayyyy".


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