Rad in Plaid

Jacket: Gap (current version); Sweater: Ann Taylor (from a yard sale); Pants and Scarf (similar): Forever 21; Boots: Nine West (current version); Bag: Cole Haan (from TJ Maxx); Shades: Ray Ban

That was a highly productive weekend.  I don't think my apartment has ever been cleaner.  With DT away for last-ditch campaigning efforts, I was able to watch all the foreign movies in my Netflix queue, scrub every inch of the apartment, and do some self-indulgent pampering.  Now that my nails are freshly manicured and my hair is deep-conditioned, I'm ready to take on this week!  In all honesty, it's nice to have the place to myself for a bit.  Even though it gets lonely, it's nice to be able to relax and take some time for myself.  I read, I caught up on bad tv, I baked.  And oh my god, did the baking not go well.  Tollhouse cookies are fairly simple, but for whatever reason, my oven did not want to be helpful.  They simultaneously didn't cook all the way through and burnt.  Is that even a thing?  So now I'm stuck with these flat, crunchy cookies.  Any suggestions?  I'm thinking about just crushing them up and putting them on top of ice cream.      

PS. Many thanks to Whitney for being my photographer this weekend!


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